How to Login to is a web portal that allows you to manage your Fios account online, including viewing and changing the settings of your service. You can view your current channels, set parental controls, control guest networks, update the firmware, and more.

A user ID and password are vital to accessing MyFiosGateway and any other router admin page. These details are separate from wireless network passcodes.

If using your router’s default password, you subject it to a third-party security attack risk. The DNS server, in particular, is the targeted reset loophole.

The following instructions elaborate the most straightforward way on how to log in to and take a few security steps.

How Do I Log Into Myfiosgateway?

  1. The first step is connecting your computer to your Verizon router. This is achievable in two ways:
  • By physical connection with an Ethernet cable
  • Wireless connection to your router’s network
  1. Open a browser on your device once you connect to the router.
  2. Next, type or into the address box. Doing this takes you to your router’s login screen, where you’ll enter your username and password.

For FiOS or Verizon routers, the default login credentials are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Indicated on the label on the router’s side.
  1. Click “Log In” after entering your details.

You should now see the MyFiosGateway admin web page. You can alter the router’s settings to secure yourself and customize your connection here.

Why Can’t I Log Into My Verizon Router?

The standard username and password for most Verizon products are “admin” and “password,” respectively. If you’re experiencing difficulties logging in, chances are these credentials aren’t as you entered them.

The first hack is to look for the proper credentials in your user handbook. But, if still having an issue logging in, reset your router.

How to Reset Verizon Router

Everything, including any personalized settings, modified username or password, and other personal Wi-Fi setups, wipe out and revert to factory defaults when you reset your Verizon router.

To do this:

  • On your router’s back, look for the Reset button.
  • With the router turned on, click and hold it for 15 seconds.
  • Wait for your router to completely reset and turn back on.

After this, the router is back to factory defaults. You can now reset the router and update existing WiFi devices.

How Do You Find My Verizon FIOS Username and Password?

You can determine your Verizon FIOS login credentials in various ways. The simplest is to criticize your router’s back for a label. You should see these details indicated.

Alternatively, you can get your passcode and user ID using three other methods as stated below.

  1. Using My Verizon

Log in to My Verizon to see the WiFi password if your router is a Verizon Fios or Fios Quantum Gateway. To do this:

  • Under “My Network,” Mouse over “Services”
  • Click on “Internet”

You should see the password in the “My Network” section.

  1. Via My Fios App

Again if your router is Verizon Fios Advanced or Fios Quantum Gateway, open the above tool and select “Internet” then “My Networks.” You should see the passphrase. 

  1. With Fios TV

If you have a Fios TV subscription, you can view your WiFi details there. With your remote control:

  • Click “Menu.”
  • Go to “Customer Support.”
  • Press “Internet” next.
  • Finish by picking “My Wireless Network.”

How Do I Change My Password on My Verizon Account?

Changing your password improves your security. Otherwise, anyone accessing the network can see and alter the settings.

There are multiple ways to change your password on your Verizon account, the same as finding login credentials.

For Verizon Fios Advanced or Fios Quantum Gateway routers, you can alter the passcode from your My Fios app or My Verizon.

Using Your My Fios App

  • Click on “Internet.”
  • Head to “My Networks.”
  • Press “Edit” to adjust.
  • Insert new details.

Click Enable Private WiFi Access for a disabled WiFi.

If you reset your password and have different WiFi names for 2.4 and 5GHz networks, reconnect all currently-usable WiFi devices. The passcode works for the two networks.

Using My Verizon

  • Login.
  • Mouse over “Services.”
  • Click “Internet.”
  • Go to “Networks” and pick the one you want to manage.
  • Insert new password.
  • Select “Save Changes.”

Ensure you enable WiFi to do this. Do so in the popups if yet to.

Manual Password Change

  • Login to
  • Click on “Quick Links” to the left side of your screen.
  • Select “Change Admin Password.”
  • Enter your new passcode.
  • Press “Apply” to update.

How Do I Change My FIOS WiFi Name?

Name change settings are on the exact location as your password. For that reason, you can either manually reset your My FIOS WiFi name, use My Verizon, or the My Fios App. Instructions are as above, except now you’ll be adjusting the name and not your passcode.

Wrapping Up

Because your router serves as the hub for all of your internet activity, its hacking can lead to severe abuse. So, the only way to truly secure your home network is to ensure no outsider has access to it.

Using this structured guide, it shouldn’t be challenging to log in to and barricade your network.

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